That time of the year!

Christmas time makes me happy! Do you remember the begining of Love Actually? "Think about at the arrival gate at the airport" I really love this film and I love it even more since I moved from my village to Madrid (more than 300km away) so for me Christmas means going home, love everywhere and everyday and I would like to express how I feel during these days, at the end your outfit express your feelings. So I'm part of the team who loves Christmas sweaters, because the world has two teams: the one who loves them and the one who hates them. I always remember the happiness who felt Harry Potter every year when he got these sweaters, it could be me.

So this post is about Christmas sweaters and this kind of stuff, so if you hate them I hope you can understand me. If you look for it you can find it everywhere but you now I love Zaful which now it has a fantastic Christmas sales to take advantage of.

I can't choose! Everything is so cute!


  1. Qué chulos son los jerseys y el calcetín de decoración es genial!

  2. Cuantas cositas, me gusta todo todo. Un besazo.

  3. Buena selección! Qué gracioso todo jaja

  4. Jajajaj, que gracioso y divertido todo, tengo que hacerme con algún sweater navideño, mauckkk


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